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Nursing Homes in Knox County Area, Kentucky

There are 2 nursing homes that have been registered with Medicare in Knox county of Kentucky. Also check out 4 nearby nursing homes. For details of these nursing homes such as staffing rating and RN rating, staffing hours per resident and nurse staffing hours per resident etc. use the links provided below. Information of number of certified beds and number of residents in certified Beds is updated on 2015-08-01.

List of Medicare Nursing Homes in Knox County

Nursing Home NameCity Zip Code Beds i Res.i Year i
Knox County Hospital Barbourville40906 16161996-02-06
Barbourville Health & Rehabilitation Center Barbourville40906 1351351981-08-28

Nearby Nursing Homes

Nursing Home NameCity Zip Code Beds i Res. i Year i
Laurel Creek Health Care Center Manchester40962 106961991-08-15
Middlesboro Health Care Facility Middlesboro40965 95911991-01-22
Mountain View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Pineville40977 115881991-02-14
Pineville Community Hospital Pineville40977 30261987-03-03